July 7, 2016

Why Court Filings Get Rejected in California

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: legal experts

Why Court Filings Get Rejected in California

In order to move a court case forward in California, you must always pay close attention to all state filing rules. These rules are very specific and thorough, whether filings are done in places that require physical appearances or jurisdictions that allow electronic filing. Here are some key issues to keep in mind to avoid rejected court filings.

Common California Court Filing Mistakes

Common California Court Filing Mistakes:

  • Missing signatures on documents
  • Not following local jurisdiction rules
  • Failure to reserve hearing dates
  • No reservation number on filings
  • Paper documents do not include copies for the judge
  • Case titles on summons documents don’t match case titles on complaint documents
  • A discovery motion does not include a joint stipulation
  • Document pages are not numbered properly
  • Proof of service copies does not accompany multiple documents
  • Wrong case numbers on subsequent filings

Physical Filing vs e-Filing

There are different rules to keep in mind about physical vs e-Filing methods. When filing electronically, if documents are signed under penalty of perjury, a signed copy must be provided. On the other hand, if the document does not require a penalty of perjury signature, it is considered signed when filed. Digital images of signatures are allowed for e-Filing.

Physical Filing vs e-Filing

Physical filings require accurate bookmarking, which must not be missing under any circumstances. Each paper must be original, bound firmly on top and without riders. In the case of e-Filing, the binding should be simulated through bookmarking. Keep in mind any bookmarking mistakes can lead to the court rejecting your case.

Even though certain mistakes seem easy to avoid, they still happen. Professional legal assistance can help guide you through the process, which can prevent minor errors from ruining your case. An expert attorney familiar with all local rules is advantageous since not all jurisdictions within the State of California have identical filing rules.

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