October 6, 2016

10 Weird Halloween Laws You Should Be Aware of

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Family Festivals

10 Weird Halloween Laws

Halloween is a festival full of fun, creativity, and imagination that people of every age group enjoy. You will find little ghosts walking down the streets dressed up in Halloween costumes and scary makeup and asking for candy. You decorate your house with carved pumpkins and convert your yard into a haunted place to enjoy the friendly fright of this scary night. But before you let yourself loose and get into the festive spirit, there are many Halloween laws you should be aware of.

Here are 10 weird Halloween laws you should remember to have a fun-filled Halloween:

  1. No MaskHalloween Mask
    In Dublin, Georgia, you can’t go out in public wearing a mask if you are under the age of 16. There are laws in New York prohibiting wearing of masks since the 1800’s. In Walnut Creek, California, no one can wear a mask in public without the permit from the sheriff.


  2. Illegal to Wear Clown CostumesClown
    Years back, there was some problem with clowns in Vendragues, France. Now it is illegal on Halloween to wear clown costumes or makeup if you are more than 12 years old.


  3. No Trick-or-Treating If You Have Passed the Age of Eighth Gradetrick-or-treat
    In the town of Bellville, Missouri, you can’t ask for candy on Halloween if you have passed the eighth grade or the age of an eighth grader. Trick-or-treating is meant for children only.


  4. Don’t Dress Like a PriestPrist
    You can’t dress like a priest in the state of Alabama on Halloween or any other day. According to the Alabama law, you may be arrested or fined if you dress up as a member of the clergyman.


  5. No Halloween Celebrations on SundayHalloween Celebration
    In Rehoboth, Delaware, you can’t celebrate Halloween on the Halloween day if October 31 falls on Sunday. Trick-or-treating must take place on October 30 between 6-8 PM. You may be fined up to $150.


  6. Silly String Prohibited
    The use, sale, possession, or distribution of silly sting is prohibited in Hollywood, California from 12:00 AM on October 31 until 12:00 PM November 1. You may be fined $1000 for just holding the can.

    silly string

  7. No Mustache in ChurchNo moustache in Church
    You can’t wear a mustache when you are attending church on Halloween in Alabama as it may make people laugh if it is amusing. This law prohibits fake facial hair. Make sure you avoid wearing a mustachioed costume to church on Halloween.


  8. Entry Barred If You Are Wearing a CostumeWomen in halloween costume
    Private companies or stores in California may bar you from entering, even on October 31, if you are wearing a costume. According to them, everyone must be barred wearing any costume.


  9. No Corsets for WomenNo Corset Allowed
    Women are not allowed to wear corsets in Merryville, Missouri. Remember this when trying to figure out what to wear on Halloween.


  10. Halloween Illegalhalloween banned
    The Country of Jordan has made Halloween and its celebrations illegal. You can’t celebrate or attend Halloween celebrations.


Make sure you are aware of the Halloween laws in your area so you don’t break them unknowingly and can really enjoy the real festivity of the spooky holiday.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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