Jilio-Ryan knows what matters to the attorney at law. We know the obligation of reporting the record. We know the relationship of trust between a law firm and a service provider. It matters that we deliver on what we have been entrusted to provide. It becomes a philosophy; a pillar upon which to build a relationship and an understanding of our clients’ differences, similarities and business model.


  • Jilio-Ryan provides seamless coverage for depositions, interpreters, conference rooms and all services that assist the attorney and the firm to accomplish the job-at-hand;
  • Jilio-Ryan provides the court reporter matched to facilitate the exacting standards that the counsel requires. Our reporters are highly skilled professionals with an abundance of experience reporting a wide range of complex litigation and class action suits. Our reporters are on the front line of technology and can facilitate the growing and changing needs of deposition reporting with all the tools necessary to support the litigation team;
  • Jilio-Ryan is sensitive to the escalating costs of litigation. Along with premier technologies, we combine cost-effective litigation support services. This translates to value-added of the highest caliber.
  • Jilio-Ryan has a great wealth of experience in case management and the collateral moving parts of the life of a litigated case. We are adept at calendaring at a case level, multi-tracking, multi-location, applications for immediate access and reference to deposition transcripts, exhibits, synchronized videography, all in a timely delivery; and
  • As an MCLE-APPROVED PROVIDER, we create a most conducive learning environment by recruiting Lawyers of the Year, retired judges, OCBA members, and ABA-accredited law school professionals that makes the mandatory education much more interesting and time-worthy.

Jilio-Ryan believes promises matter, relationships matter, and trust matters. We build traditional, long-lasting relationships because, everything matters when you have the trust of professionals to support and perform effectively.

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