Legal Administrators


As a legal administrator, you have demonstrated that you have mastered the knowledge, skills, and abilities to operate at a high level of expertise in the management of the law firm. The position has had added demands placed upon it to remain relevant in managing technological advances, business model dynamics, legal budgeting, cyber-security issues, while excelling in client satisfaction and service.


  • Jilio-Ryan understands those demands. With that understanding, comes a greater ability to predict and respond to the needs of our clients. It translates to a service philosophy that transcends all other court reporting agencies;
  • In an increasingly competitive market, Jilio-Ryan has enhanced our strategic advantage by pinpointing how to stand out among our competition: Unparalleled service and identifying what our clients feel is important when choosing their court reporting vendor;
  • All court reporting agencies have access to the same tools. The differentiating objective is how well we optimize those tools when supporting our clients in a real-world application;
  • Jilio-Ryan is sensitive to the cost of litigation. It makes us good stewards of the profession to embrace these issues. We become partners with our clients and provide pertinent solutions to budgeting concerns in all courses of the litigation process;
  • The legal profession is relationship-centric. Jilio-Ryan provides the service environment and professional satisfaction that enhances the legal administrator’s trust and investment in the relationship; and
  • Jilio-Ryan makes the promise that our experience and knowledge will deliver the optimal results you expect from a court reporting agency and litigation support provider.

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