Online & Mobile Services

Online and Mobile Legal Services

Need fast deposition scheduling and easy access to your transcripts? You can trust us. We have several online and mobile services which are easy to use and will meet all of your litigation need. These services are best suited to help you stay organized and be more efficient.

Online Deposition Scheduling

Scheduling a deposition has never been so easy! Schedule conveniently through our online portal and specify your needs. You can make changes and check the status as well.

Go on our website and fill out our online scheduling form for basic online scheduling or use your username and password to schedule a deposition. For a username and password, please contact

Online Document Repository

We have a full online repository to help manage transcripts, exhibits, and invoices for any case. You can download your transcripts easily. It is fast and secure. Retrieve any case files from our online repository at any time and from any location!

You and your team can access and work on the transcripts at the same time. You can share notes and observations with co-counsels.

Jilio-Ryan Mobile App

Our mobile app gives you access to “Your Online Office.” Manage your schedule, view transcripts, exhibits, and invoices at any time from any mobile device.

Need directions to your deposition? Our mobile app can assist you on the fly and help you find your way there. You can schedule deposition and download transcripts on the go!

Mobile Transcripts

Mobile transcripts allow you to access, highlight, and annotate your transcript. These files are interactive and optimized for a wireless device. Take your transcripts with you anytime and on any mobile device.

Want to send portions of your transcript to a colleague? Our mobile transcripts allow our clients to do just that. We can create deposition summaries and export them to your colleagues.

Productivity Enhancing Transcript Tools

We offer productivity enhancing transcript tools which allow you to view, annotate, and highlight on the run or from your desktop computer. Our tools allow our clients to become as efficient as possible.