Video Services

Secure, Real-Time and Reliable Video Services

We understand that every litigation and deposition depends on seamless video services. Our certified and experienced video professionals strive to curate the most accurate video streaming for you.

We have been serving an extensive base of satisfied court reporters for over 35 years who lend credence to our video professionals for all their deposition needs and attest to receiving quality video services in real time.

Certified Legal Videographers

Our best-in-industry videographers uphold trust for superior deposition

Our certified and experienced legal videographers uphold the highest standard to take care of our clients’ every video deposition need. We are known for providing the best-in-industry service to render accurate deposition with quality assurance.

You can be rest assured with our videographers who handle all the processes efficiently from recording to editing, so you can focus on the deposition.

Video Conferencing

Our state-of-the-art video conferencing exceeds expectations

Today’s video conferencing is as close to “being there” as one can get while avoiding the costly expense of global business travel. We ensure comfortable, secure, and latest technological systems at our dedicated suites for video conferencing amenities.

Call us at 714.424.9902 to schedule your next meeting, interview or deposition using our fully equipped, state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities.

Video Deposition Streaming

Our live video deposition streaming fades distances

Our simple, web-based video deposition offers live streaming regardless of your location. Our simple and interactive system enables your legal team to attend the live deposition, collaborate, communicate, and respond in real-time.

Get expert opinions on live deposition, view in our choice of layout, pause, and review, and upload as per your need right from your hand-held device.

Video Transcript Synchronization

Our video transcript synchronization service is device-friendly

Our advanced and high-tech video transcript synchronization is accessible through multiple devices simultaneously. You can synchronize, review and stream videos faster and better with our innovative arrangements.

View or participate from any device, including computers, phones, tablets, and even video conferencing endpoints. Our platform is fully encrypted and completely secure.

Computer & Tablet Deposition Streaming

Use real-time deposition at your convenience

Real-time streaming is now available over the internet and on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Our live video streaming is immediately available for your quick view and helps preserve demeanor for trials. Attend a deposition from the comfort of your own desk!

Video Editing Tools

Our superior editing tools provide the desired format

Our editing services ensure you can walk away with the final version of deposition in your desired format for immediate legal proceedings. We can provide you with a video synced deposition that can be edited easily and professionally from a computer or tablet device.

On your next video deposition, let us know how we can prepare the final draft of your deposition.

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