August 16, 2021

Tips Lawyers Can Use to Keep Their Zoom Meetings Secure

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Security Tips

Zoom meeting security tips

Although Zoom meetings are quickly becoming a popular way to conduct business, they may pose a few security issues for lawyers. When it comes to legal proceedings, confidentiality must be maintained at all costs. Here are some specific Zoom meeting security tips to help keep your meetings secure and prevent confidential information from being shared or used without your permission.

5 Zoom Meeting Safety & Security Tips for Lawyers

  1. Disable the “Join Before the Host” Setting

    Disabling the “Join Before the Host” setting ensures that no one is allowed into the meeting before the host. Once the host is in place, they can enable participants into the room so that the meeting can begin. You can also limit who is allowed to attend by requiring each participant to have their Zoom account.

  2. Require a Password

    One of the best ways for a secure Zoom meeting is to require both an ID and a password. For an added security measure, use a computer-generated password and send it in a separate email or text. Also, make sure to change IDs and passwords with every meeting you schedule.

  3. Close or Lock the Meeting

    As the host, you have the option to close or lock the meeting. So as soon as you know all of the invited participants have entered the meeting, you can close or lock the meeting to prevent unwanted guests from entering the room or disrupting the meeting. However, just note that if someone leaves the meeting, they may not be able to re-enter once it starts.

  4. Restrict File Sharing

    File sharing is one of the biggest ways information is accessed by individuals outside of a Zoom meeting. You can prevent confidential information from being shared outside of the meeting by restricting the file-sharing capabilities. This eliminates participants from sharing any files or information that is presented during the session.

  5. Monitor Your Screen Sharing and Chat Settings

    Zoom meetings offer several unique functions, such as chat, screen sharing, and annotation functions. Disabling these features is a good way to keep your discussion on track. Consider each segment and its usefulness and disable them accordingly.

Zoom meetings are a great way to hold meetings when participants can’t all meet at one location. When attorneys use Zoom meetings, it’s important to ensure the meeting is as secure as possible. Many Zoom meeting security tips can be used to keep information from being leaked outside of a private meeting. At Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters, we can help you host a safe and secure Zoom meeting and make sure all of your confidential information remains as personal as possible.

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