February 14, 2023

Why Should You Consider Adding Video to Your Depositions?

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Video deposition

Video depositions have become a staple in the courtroom since the pandemic. It didn’t take long for lawyers to realize just how valuable videos would be during legal proceedings. They do more than simply provide a video recording of what transpired during the witness’s deposition. Videos provide many benefits that help attorneys to build their cases and represent their clients. Let’s take a look at them.

Benefits of Adding Video to Your Deposition

  1. Prevents Major Mistakes

    Videos are able to provide an accurate testimony to support the transcribed document. If a transcriptionist makes a mistake, the video can be used to verify that the document is transcribed as accurately as possible. Videos are a great source of evidence to reference back to.

  2. Videos Are Easier to Follow Than Reading from a Transcribed Document

    When someone’s testimony is needed in court, the jury may have trouble following as a transcribed document is being read. Being able to watch a video will hold a jury’s attention, and they will be able to better understand what is being talked about.

  3. Actions and Demeanor of Your Witness Can Be Seen Through Videos

    When a witness is interviewed in court, the jury is able to witness their actions and reactions. A video deposition also allows the jury to watch the witness and see how they act. This isn’t possible if a transcribed document is used. With a video, you get the next best thing to the witness being in the courtroom.

  4. Video Makes the Witness Available When They Cannot Make It to Court

    If a witness lives out of town or is unable to appear in court, a video deposition makes it possible for a witness to provide their testimony even though they are too far away to attend. Lawyers are using video depositions more often, especially with the high cost of travel.

  5. They Are Cost-Effective

    Bringing a witness back to testify for a trial after they have already returned home can be extremely expensive. Attorneys can do away with the high cost of travel expenses and hotel stays by ordering a video deposition. The cost of a video deposition is much less than the cost of travel and is also much more reliable.

  6. You Can Use Videos to Ensure a Witness’s Testimony Doesn’t Change

    A video is an accurate account of a witness’s prior testimony. If a witness changes their testimony halfway through a legal proceeding or hearing, an attorney can play the video of their deposition and refresh their memory. This can prevent a witness from perjuring themselves or altering their testimony.

Consult Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters for Effective Video Deposition

At Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters, we are able to provide attorneys with quality video depositions that provide numerous benefits. By offering these quality services, attorneys can keep their fees under control while maintaining a much higher level of representation for their clients. This also allows them to maintain the highest standard of ethics and ensure each client gets the outcome they are looking for. Contact us today to get started!

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