August 24, 2017

Video-Text Synchronization is Your Key to a Good Deposition

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Court Transcription

Video Text Sync

In the litigation field, multimedia presentations are now emerging as a major tool for lawyers. They are frequently tapping into the potential of sight, sound, and motion to cast a right impression on the minds of the judge, jury and opposing attorney. This has created avenues for a wide range of services that court reporters can provide to their worthy clients while generating new sources of income.

Video-text synchronization is a multimedia tool which can be considered as a key to enhance your legal depositions. It empowers you with the overall benefits a video deposition entails, while also improving your visual experience with the transcription provided by a court reporter.

What is a Video-Text Synchronization?
Video-text synchronization refers to the merging of written records of the transcript with its audio and video part, thereby making it amazingly easy to examine the transcript along with the relevant images. In the initial years of videotaped depositions, lawyers would have to hunt through written transcripts in order to highlight a particularly effective portion of testimony. Thereafter, the legal fraternity would be burdened with an extensive editing process of discovering the video clips and merging them to make an effective video. Yet, there was no means to append the transcript to the screen. Since then, with the technological advancements in the field, lawyers have now various choices available with regards to video-text synchronization.

How is Video-Text Synchronization Helpful to a Jury?
Apart from being an essential tool during trials, merging of the video and text of a deposition also provides convenient and dependable evidence to the jury. Video-text synchronization renders visual, audio and textual evidence to the jury. The jury can not only assess your witnesses’ body language through video-text synchronization, but can also study the text of your deponent’s testimony, word-for-word. With video-text synchronization you can save the jury from overlooking any critical verbal input, which your witness may supply. It’s just not possible for you to replicate the audio-visual impact of an actual witness. But when you integrate that effect with the text to make it simpler to follow along, you actually empower the jury with a very compelling tool. It’s similar to watching a movie with subtitles.

How is Video-Text Synchronization Helpful to Lawyers?
Video-text synchronization, saves you from reading aloud a transcript and wasting your time in a courtroom. Nowadays, court reporters can employ real-time digital software that can be conveniently synced with your video, and provide you the additional benefits of:

  • Control

    Text-video synchronization allows you a quicker searching and editing process. You can swiftly determine components of a deposition required for your presentation, with minimal computer literacy.

  • Clarity

    Anxious witnesses and audio glitches can become the reason for a testimony to get mumbled. This will eventually lead the judge and jury to go back to the text for clarity. The role of the synced text is to act as a subtitle to the playing audio, allowing no room for doubt regarding the actual speech present on the tape.

  • Speed

    Now the court reporters can easily merge text and video by using time stamps, and derive an hour video from a five hours video through synchronization. You can easily find and access your video by submitting a key phrase or word for a particular question or subject. As a lawyer you can also easily incorporate links to your exhibits. You will be having a trial-ready data file of the video-text synchronization. Through this file, you can make video clips that will give you an edge during trials.

Video/text synchronization makes it unbelievably simple to evaluate the transcript along with the associated images in a single frame. You can get the best of both worlds in your legal arena, by using video-text synchronization!

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