February 11, 2016

Video Conferencing Service for Court Reporting: Selection Tips

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: video conference

Video Conferencing for Court Reporting

Court reporting has been a part of the judicial system for almost as long as courts have existed. From the early days of taking notes by hand, onto manual and electric typewriters, and finally on keyboards. The court reporter is an essential part of the system in that he or she is an impartial participant who is solely tasked with making sure every word gets recorded so everyone has a written record of exactly what was said in the courtroom.

Video Conferencing

To date, a court reporter has been required to be in attendance at all proceedings. This made it necessary to hire only those who could logically attend. With the advances in video technology, a court reporter can be located anywhere in the world and still record all the activity that takes place. This helps lower costs and affords everyone involved a greater choice of candidates. It also allows more people who are trained in the unique skills of court reporting to have greater opportunities to work. All in all, this is the human and technology coming together in the best way.

Tips for Selecting the Best Video Conferencing Service

The service provider should offer on-point technology, such as state-of-the-art speakerphones for seamless audio conferencing, free high-speed wireless internet, multipoint and point-to-point video conferencing connections, screen sharing capabilities and high-definition streaming video. There needs to be standby professional support like quality testing before you start. This includes a test-run of all the equipment in the conference room before the event begins. Also their video conferencing technicians should be on-call throughout the time the conference takes place.

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