July 18, 2022

Tips on Preparing for a Deposition

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preparation for deposition

Depositions are extremely valuable tools that lawyers can use to their advantage when they have witnesses that may not be available for court proceedings due to an illness or their location. Being properly prepared makes the deposition process go smoothly and ensures the testimony given is allowed to be used in court. The following tips will be useful in preparing a deposition.

Know Why Preparing for Deposition is Important

Preparing the attorneys, witnesses, and the room being used will ensure that everyone involved is on the same page. Being fully prepared also ensures that the deposition created is as accurate as possible and of high quality. Both video and audio will be crisp and clear and able to be used in a court of law.

Be Clear When It Comes to Instructions

Write down your instructions and print a copy for everyone in attendance. Go over them one by one so that every detail is understood. If there are any questions, take care of them now before you start the deposition process.

Make Sure Your Equipment Is in Good Working Order

Make sure all of your equipment is in good working order. Batteries are charged, and recording devices are set up properly. If you are using LED lighting, make sure it is set so that the environment is as natural as possible. Check your volume and cancel out any background noise.

Have All the Appropriate Documents in Order

Before you start recording, make sure that everyone who is in attendance has the paperwork they need in front of them. Shuffling papers and asking questions makes for a very poor-quality video. All talking and handling of papers should be completed prior to the start of the deposition.

Limit Any Distractions

Everyone should have their cell phones turned off. Position someone outside of the door to ensure no one goes in or out of the room. Distractions take the focus off of the task at hand and will detract from the authenticity and accuracy of the deposition.

Find Out If the Person Being Deposed Requires Any Type of Assistance

When you are setting up the deposition, find out if the person giving the deposition requires any special assistance. Do they need an interpreter? Do they need someone who communicates using sign language? Are they in a wheelchair? These are all special considerations that must be met prior to the day of the deposition.

Preparing for Deposition with Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters!

If you are in charge of conducting a deposition, you need to be fully prepared. At Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters, we can help you produce an accurate, high-quality deposition that you can be proud of. Our well-trained team of professionals has years of experience and knows all of the tricks of the trade. Contact us today to learn more about our deposition services.

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