March 14, 2022

4 Small Tech Investments that Greatly Improve Your Remote Video Depositions

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Video Deposition

remote video depositions

If you want to create a quality deposition, you need a quality, high-tech setup. When you have quality tech equipment, your depositions will speak for themselves. Here are some tech investments you can make to improve your remote video depositions.

4 Tech Investments to Improve Remote Video Depositions

Strong, Reliable Internet Connection

If you plan on doing a remote deposition, one of the most important things to have is a strong, reliable internet connection. Without a good internet connection, you can’t stream or transfer your deposition to the courts or the attorneys who need it. Before recording your deposition, check your internet connection and make necessary adjustments to ensure the highest quality resolution.

Quality Microphone

If you want your deposition to be effective, the deposing person must be heard clearly and accurately. Your audio must be clear and crisp without any distortion. In order to produce the highest quality audio, you need to have a quality microphone. The microphone you choose must be easy to use and provide clear audio to multiple devices. 

Quality Webcam

The visibility of your deposition is another important factor that will determine the effectiveness of your deposition. It is essential that the court be able to see the person being deposed. They can see their expressions, how they react, visible signs of emotion, and any gestures they might make while answering the questions. A quality visual can only be achieved if you use a good webcam with a high-resolution setting.

Use a Good Green Screen

A good green screen is essential if you plan on adding a background to cover up what may be behind the person being deposed. Using a green screen will allow you to impose a new background without any distractions or breaking up the image. Investing in a green screen will provide you with many years of use for an affordable price.

If you need a quality deposition or are trying to set one up yourself, talk to the professionals at Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters. We have the experience to help you produce a quality deposition that can be used in any legal proceeding. With our highly trained professionals and quality equipment, we can ensure your deposition is both professional and effective at providing all of the information that is needed. Contact us today to learn more!

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