December 15, 2022

Remote Depositions: Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

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The COVID pandemic paved the way for many unique changes in how legal proceedings are handled. While much of the industry has resumed normal business practices, attorneys have started making their preferences known when it comes to remote depositions.

According to a study, almost 64% prefer in-person meetings due to their ability to see visual cues that may be missed. Out of the other 36%, just over 14% will continue to use remote depositions. The remaining 22% say that it will depend on the situation. However, sustainability and environmental impact are two factors that may help to determine the final choice.

How Remote Deposition Can Help Law Firms in Taking an Environmentally Friendly Deposition

Remote depositions have several benefits, including environmental ones. This includes:

  • Reduces Costs

    One of the primary benefits of remote deposition is that the cost is dramatically reduced. Less money is spent on travel expenses and paying for staff to coordinate everything involved in putting the deposition together. If the attorney needs to travel to meet a client, there are additional travel expenses as well as the amount of time spent traveling to and from their client’s location. These lower-level costs can add up, ultimately resulting in the loss of premium time from other clients. With virtual depositions, attorneys can save up to a third of the total cost of an in-person deposition.

  • Saves Time

    Having a witness travel to the primary attorney’s office takes time and money, especially if the location is more than a few hours away. With remote depositions, the witness can be deposed closer to home. This cuts down on the amount of time and cost of unnecessary expenses, allowing the attorney to focus on their client’s case. An attorney can maintain a streamlined schedule without having to take extra time away from their other clients.

  • Less Traveling, More Energy Saved

    In some cases, it is necessary for the attorney to travel to the witness. If multiple attorneys are involved, all of them may end up having to attend the deposition. Recording a live-streamed video allows everyone obligated to attend the deposition the ability to do so virtually without leaving their office. They will also receive a video copy and a written transcript of the deposition for future reference. This reduces the amount of vehicle fuel used and reduces energy consumption.

  • Fewer Wasted Office Materials

    Because video depositions are recorded and stored digitally, the process is cost-effective and has a positive impact on the environment. Documents can be securely transmitted and signed digitally. Focusing only on specific materials that need to be printed saves on office supplies and cuts down on company spending.

Adopt an Environmentally Friendly Approach with Remote Deposition

Most of the routines based on the pandemic are behind us, however, virtual deposition can still yield several benefits, including being sustainable and environmentally friendly. From saving on costs and time to reducing energy consumption and waste of resources, remote deposition offers a great platform for an eco-friendly litigation process. If you haven’t implemented it yet, it may be time to consider incorporating remote deposition into your daily law practice.

Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters Offer Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Remote Depositions

If you are looking for environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to handle your remote depositions, contact Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters, Tustin, CA. We have years of experience and can provide you with the highest-quality remote video depositions and transcripts. Our professional staff is well-trained and always committed to providing the highest degree of excellence for our clients.


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