April 11, 2022

Post-Pandemic Changes That Are Impacting the U.S. Justice System

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Deposition

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The pandemic forced reforms throughout several industries, including the U.S. justice system. However, advancements in technology have been able to keep things moving smoothly even though adjustments had to be made to maintain guidelines and keep things functioning within the law. From video arraignments to online depositions, technology has made it possible for proceedings to move forward in an attempt to maintain the due process.

An Increase in the Use of Technology

Live streaming video is just one way that technology has made it possible for the court system to function efficiently despite distance issues. Live video also helps maintain the chain of evidence and allows information to be transmitted in real-time. The problem is that old laws can restrict the use of these advanced tools. When the laws were put in place, this level of technology was not available. This means the laws don’t consider the validity of these tools or how they can be beneficial.

A Revision of Rules and Guidelines

When the pandemic hit, emergency measures were taken to introduce these tools and make them usable in a court of law. Since those measures have been in place, their value has been proven repeatedly. Now that the pandemic is nearing its end, the rules and guidelines must be permanently revised to continue using these new and incredibly efficient tools.

Maintaining Sufficient Evidence Rules

When implementing these new rules and guidelines, it is important that evidence rules and regulations are sufficiently maintained. This ensures that the integrity of both physical evidence and personal testimony remains intact and viable at all times. Facial recognition, video depositions, and remote participation prove to be incredibly valuable tools.

Role of Technology in The U.S. Justice System

The digital changes in the U.S. justice system are here to stay, and the courts have started to rely on advanced technology tools to maintain efficiency. For example, remote depositions make it possible to hear testimony in real-time. At Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters, we understand how important it is for the integrity of a court session to be maintained. We adhere to the rules and guidelines as closely as possible. Contact us today to schedule a deposition or if you want help with any other court reporting services.

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