November 24, 2014

How Meeting Venue Adds Value to Case Discussions

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Case Discussion

Meeting Venue

The meeting venue is an important aspect of a case discussion. Face to face meetings can bring a lot to a case discussion. With a neutral meeting venue, the meeting is more likely to be productive, allowing both parties to accomplish their goals in an efficient manner. The following details just a few of the benefits of selecting a neutral meeting space for a case discussion or other type of litigation.

Minimal accommodation distractions

Hosting a meeting comes with a variety of tasks such as preparing a room and putting together snacks and drinks. You will have fewer of these responsibilities when you meet somewhere else, enabling you to put more attention toward the litigation itself.

Fewer interruptions

The breaks that you have during a case discussion should allow you to clear your head and take a few minutes to regroup. If you’re meeting at your home, there is a greater likelihood of having family members trying to talk to you during these breaks about topics that may have nothing to do with the litigation at hand. While it is possible to get interrupted in any location, there will be fewer interruptions from staff when you’re away from the office.

Limited information leaks

Inviting opposing counsel into your office means that they have a chance to visit the space during lunch and breaks. Do you really want these attorneys perusing the office and talking with associates? Holding the meeting elsewhere eliminates these issues.

No expectation to provide copy services

Many people agree to host a meeting without realizing that it will mean providing copy services to the attending counsel. This may not seem like a big deal, but secretaries and assistants have better things to do with their time. Having the meeting in a neutral location minimizes these expectations.

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