April 22, 2020

Legal Deposition Notice: What Needs to Be Included

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Deposition

legal deposition notice

A legal deposition notice is fairly simple for legal professionals to prepare for as long as you include certain specifics. Here are the basics you need to remember:

What Is a Notice of Deposition?

Witnesses are needed by a legal team to answer questions under oath pertaining to their knowledge relating to a lawsuit before the case is tried in the court. The law firm sends a document called a notice of deposition to the witness and all other parties involved in the lawsuit.

How Do I Prepare a Notice of Deposition?

Most legal firms use a template for notice of deposition that is based on past experience and uses exact language. However, if you have never prepared a notice of deposition, follow these simple instructions to get started.

  • Caption

    At the top of the notice should be the full caption of the case that includes the jurisdiction where the case has been filed. It should list the file number, plaintiff name(s) and the defendant(s).

  • Names and Addresses of Attorneys

    The names of each attorney of record, along with contact information, bar numbers, and parties they are representing should also be on the notice. Contact information should include addresses, phone and fax numbers, and email addresses for both their offices and law firms.

  • Type of Notice

    The type of deposition notice should be clearly characterized in the document title.

  • Date, Time and Location

    The date, time, and location where the questioning will take place should stand out on the document, typically with bold type.

  • Signature Block of the Requesting Attorney

    The end of the notice needs to have an attorney’s signature block so that everyone involved knows who is requesting the deposition. Some attorneys will include a map or directions to where the deposition will be held.

  • Putting It All Together

    Now put together all the items stated above to create a full notice of deposition document.

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