January 28, 2016

Jilio-Ryan: The Preferred Choice for Court Reporting Services

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: court reporting agency

Jilio Ryan: Experienced Court Reporters

Court reporting services must be precise and must meet deadlines. Using state of the art technology and seasoned experts to ensure accuracy and timely delivery of legal documents is the hallmark of Jilio-Ryan in California. We strive to strengthen our client relationships with legal professionals so that you can make the best court presentations possible. Our certified real-time court reporters understand the importance of our mission to provide top quality service to attorneys, legal support staff, and claims handlers.

Experienced Court Reporters

Jilio-Ryan court reporters are trained to facilitate every client’s needs, whether it involves fast turnaround times for transcripts, knowledge of court proceedings or expertise in recording technology. We also provide court-certified interpreters of various languages for depositions or in the courtroom. Our deposition services extend beyond California since we are connected with a vast network of court reporters so that we can provide a professional in any city throughout the country. Our system allows us to schedule a courter, videographer, or interpreter for any client, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Deposition services

Deposition Facilities

Our deposition services include an easy and secure method for downloading transcripts, exhibits, and helpful transcript review tools. You can also schedule a deposition in our conference room that seats up to 24 people. This room includes a free and secure Wi-Fi connection along with a presentation-ready Elmo, projector and screen. We also provide copying, scanning and faxing capabilities. Additionally, our office provides a self-serve cafe, free lunch for all-day depositions, and free parking.

Reporting Technology

We deliver electronic transcripts on CD as well as in the format of your choice. Regardless of the litigation support software you use, we are able to integrate it with our digital formats. Our real-time software can provide you with a live transcript feed during the deposition.

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