January 31, 2019

How to Prepare Yourself for a Real-Time Deposition

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Deposition

real time deposition

What Is a Real-Time Deposition?

A real-time deposition is one that is transcribed as the person is being deposed. Since it is in real time and immediately converted into usable text, it can be played back while the deposition is taking place. During complex cases, this can be extremely valuable when trying to authenticate a witness’ statement.

A real-time deposition is a great way to sort out complex issues during a court case. It allows you the access to answers that have already been asked and can provide the attorneys’ the answers they need to proceed with their interrogation. Read on to learn more about the preparation tips for a real-time deposition.

What to Do Before the Deposition

Make sure you schedule the deposition with a court reporter who specializes in real-time transcription. This ensures that the court reporter has the experience to set up the equipment and make sure everything is synced together correctly. This allows the attorney to play back pieces of the transcribed testimony if need be. It is also necessary to be sure that the court reporter has all of the required information so that the paperwork is accurate and as complete as possible.

What Should You Do During the Deposition?

During a real-time deposition, it is up to the court reporter to ensure that each person speaks, concisely, and at a slow, easy-to-understand speed. It’s important to remember that the transcript produced during a real time deposition is not the final copy. What is presented during the testimony will still have to be edited and checked for grammar, spelling, and accuracy. Everyone has to work as a team.

What Happens After the Real Time Deposition?

After the deposition is complete, you have the option to ask for a rough draft that can be used until the final copy is ready. If you have questions, always ask. It’s best to have accurate answers than questionable doubts. Once the deposition is complete, the court reporter will edit the transcribed piece, correcting any misspelled words, grammar mistakes, and words that may not make sense or are not fully understood.

If you are looking for court reporters who specialize in real time deposition and are committed to the highest level of detail, contact Jilio- Ryan. We will put in extra effort to ensure that the final document is finished as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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