March 23, 2017

How to Dress Yourself for a Legal Proceeding

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: legal firms

Dress Yourself for a Legal Proceeding

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to end up in court for any reason. Whether you’re there supporting a loved one or you’re facing your own day in court or a court reporter, what you wear is something to consider.

For people who are actually going in front of a judge, what you wear may be more important than you think. While judges shouldn’t base decisions on something as small as your clothing, everybody has biases they aren’t even aware of.

Keep reading to learn what you should wear for a legal proceeding whether you’re in front of the judge or simply in the gallery:

Wardrobe for Men

Well dressed ManFor men, business dress is the ideal option. Most of the time that’s going to mean a properly-tailored suit, a shirt and a tie. While you may be able to skip the tie, those going in front of the judge may want a little extra polish to their look.

If you’re not able to wear a suit for one reason or another, business casual is another option. That generally means slacks and a blazer or fitted sweater with a collared shirt.

Men should avoid items like baseball caps, t-shirts, shorts and tennis shoes. Dress shoes, loafers or even boots are always preferable for a court setting.

Wardrobe for Women

Well dressed womanWomen should keep their wardrobe professional in court setting as well. For many, that means skirts and pants with appropriate blouses. For outer layers, blazers, sweaters and cardigans can all work very well. Other items like leather jackets will be permitted, but are best left to those in the gallery.

In general, women should avoid wearing anything too low-cut, revealing or bold. Items like baseball caps, exercise clothing, t-shirts and athletic shoes should all be avoided when going to court proceedings.

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