March 22, 2018

How Jilio-Ryan Litigation Support Can Help Paralegals

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: litigation services

How Jilio Ryan Litigation Support Can Help Paralegals

Litigation support professionals (LSP’s) are not new to the legal field and operate behind the scenes, in sync with the paralegals. Not only do the LSP’s have a strong legal background, they also bring to the table the technical know-how that can be useful in better streamlining of your office work.

Paralegals are usually “the glue” with regards to the production and analysis of documents. They effectively handle the review team by extending the help and cooperation as and when required by them, while sorting out technical issues with LSPs. All this helps to effectively manage and organize both your office and the data that is used to litigate each case.

Read to know more about how Litigation support professionals (LSP’s) at Jilio-Ryan, provide litigation support to legal professionals including paralegals.

Create Databases

Legal offices receive thousands of files a year. A litigation support professional can use the information in those files to create databases that allow for them to be systematically managed, sorted, coordinated and indexed so they can be easily accessible and retrievable when needed for respective cases by paralegals or attorneys.

Data Management Strategies

As data management strategists, an LSP can work in the courtroom, assisting with technology and making it easier for paralegals to retrieve data as soon as it is requested. This also allows them to help other office personnel learn and operate new types of software that can be useful in storing and indexing files.

Manage IT/Paralegal Processes Within the Office

Most litigation support professionals have a strong information technology background that allows them to manage their job much more efficiently within the office. Their ability to troubleshoot, use and integrate new forms of proprietary software will make it easier for everyone including paralegals in the office to access the information they need.

Assist With Large Scale Cases

Litigation support specialists also have the legal skills to help paralegals with the research that is often needed when trying large-scale cases. By effectively utilizing the technology they have at their disposal, they can perform their work quickly and efficiently, providing the legal team with the evidence and information they need when it comes to the law and the case in question.

Possess Sound Educational Background

When it comes to education, a litigation support professional often have advanced skills and training in terms of technical support and the management of databases. Many have completed four-year degree programs in some area of the legal or criminal justice field. These two skill sets make them an extremely valuable addition to any law office.

With the increased use of data management systems, having LSP-paralegal combination is a win-win situation, in the form of right litigation support to legal professionals involved. At Jilio-Ryan, LSP’s provide smooth litigation support to paralegals from the easy deposition to the handling of the most challenging litigation.

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