July 25, 2019

How Digital Repositories Can Help You Organize Your Case

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Digital Court Reporter

Digital Repositories Can Help You Organize Your Case

Digital repositories are quickly becoming popular with workplaces that generate a large number of files regularly. Many offices, including law firms and court reporting agencies, are focused on using virtual tools to cut back on materials that take up space and resources. Instead of printing off each legal case, they can now be stored digitally. The is also an excellent way to promote the “green movement,” which aims at saving the natural resources.

Online Repositories

Digital repositories allow offices to store all of their digital files in the cloud. This eliminates the massive amount of paper and ink required to print each document. The great thing about online repositories is that all kinds of files can be stored there. Videos, depositions, photographs, and written files can all be stored in one convenient location.

Easy Access

When files are stored in a digital repository, they can be accessed by anyone who needs them. No more hiring a courier service or waiting for a file to be delivered. The person can simply log in, enter what they are looking for plus any verification that needs to be submitted, and the data is immediately at their disposal. With a digital repository, transcripts and written documents can be accessed for up to three years, while video files are available for just one year.

Saves Space and Time

With all of your files being stored in a digital repository, fewer paper files will be stored in filing cabinets or file rooms. As a result, the expense of buying ink and paper will be greatly reduced. Fewer working hours will be needed to courier or send files from one place to another. Overall, your savings will increase over time, and your office will run more efficiently.

The Bottom Line 

Digital repositories provide you with a secure location to store all of your files, making it easier to limit access to the appropriate staff. With a few clicks, you can upload your files or retrieve them whenever and wherever they are needed. Digital repositories improve productivity by freeing up office space, reducing office expenses, saving time and keeping files stored in a secure location.

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