April 26, 2018

How Cloud Computing Can Benefit the Legal Industry

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: legal firms

Cloud Computing Can Benefit Legal Industries

Managing data is a big challenge for many law firms. With a little bit of technological help, the task becomes much less overwhelming. If you’ve been on the fence about investing in cloud computing, consider the following 8 benefits that it offers to the legal industry.

Benefit #1: Easy, Advanced, and Secure Technology

For several years, in-house IT solutions for data storage have been prevalent in law firms. With cloud computing, a remote server offers several benefits with nearly no equipment needed at your location for processing, storing, securing, and managing your data with ease.

Benefit #2: Disaster Recovery Mechanism

Disasters can strike anyone and anywhere, including law firms, and you may end up losing not only your original equipment but your offsite backups at a remote location as well. Automated backups allow easy recovery of your cloud data that are automatically secured even in big catastrophes.

Benefit #3: Scope of Sustainability

Cloud Computing for Legal IndustryA lawyer’s office is an unlikely place to be associated with a carbon footprint, but everyone needs to do what one can in their capacity for environmental conservation. Achieving the goal of a sustainable environment is not possible without implementing a “go green” strategy of storing data in the “cloud”.

Benefit #4: Cost-Effective Solutions

Cloud solutions are less expensive, more secure, and more efficient. You don’t have any of the physical and technical security issues of an in-house system, and you don’t have to finance the infrastructure yourself.

Benefit #5: Efficient Data Management

Cloud storage offers a single central interface to manage data, freeing up your firm to focus on increasing productivity and ultimately, profits. For example, with the ability to track and analyze metrics with ease, you can use these metrics to make critical decisions to better the firm.

Benefit #6: Expandable Storage Options

Are you planning to make changes within the firm that will affect your storage needs? You will likely want a cloud storage system that will grow with your firm. There are often some offers for upgrading your storage at a minimal cost.

Benefit #7: Remote Access Application

As mobile device use continues to increase every month, it isn’t enough just to have data stored online. Attorneys and other staff members must be able to retrieve information from any location. Whether you’re in a client meeting or in the courtroom, cloud storage gives you the access that you require.

Benefit #8: Room for Customization

There is no one size fits all cloud computing solution that works for all firms. However, when you work with a reputable cloud company, they will work with your firm to build a custom solution around your needs and preferences. If these needs and preferences change at any time, it is simple and straightforward to make modifications to the existing platform.

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