January 23, 2020

Everything You Should Know About a Legal Videographer

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: video conference

know everything about legal videographer

Legal videographer positions are quickly filling up across the country. Not only do candidates get to work in the legal field, they also get to use some of the latest technology as part of their jobs. Getting the right training can set you up for a very successful career.

What is a legal videographer?

A legal videographer is someone who basically videotapes and records videos of depositions, hearings, interviews, and actual court events. They can also film evidence at crime scenes.

How do I become a legal videographer?

In order to become a legal videographer, you will want to take a few courses in both videography as well as legal transcription and criminal justice. This will give you a solid background when it comes to knowing what exactly you are expected to do. While it’s a good idea to learn on the job, going to school to get your certification will provide you with the foundation you need to advance in your field.

How much does a court videographer make?

On average, a court videographer will make approximately $64,000 a year. This is similar to what a freelancer would make except working with the courts would be a daily job. A freelancer sets their own schedule and works when and where they are needed.

How much does a video deposition cost?

The cost of a video deposition that is recorded by a certified videographer can cost you anywhere from $200 to $400. The cost may be higher depending on how long the process takes. In some instances, videographers charge by the hour if they know it will be a longer than normal session.

How much does a freelance videographer make?

Freelance videographers can make anywhere from $53,000 to $80,000 based on your education and years of experience. If you are certified and have a lengthy list of references, you may be able to get higher than average pay compared to someone who is just starting out.

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