April 21, 2015

Court Reporters: 7 Tricks to Manage Time Better

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Court Reporters in California

Court reporting is a job that fills the hours up quickly. Without the correct time-management skills, you can find yourself overwhelmed, or failing to accomplish the results of which you are capable.
Putting into practice the following 7 tricks will help you feel less stressed, and more likely to handle all that is put into your hands.

  1. Plan Your Day
    Take a half hour at the start of each day to make a plan consisting of what needs to be done. Make sure to include a little time for anything unexpected that might pop up suddenly.

  2. Demand Privacy
    Place a sign on your door that tells people you can’t be bothered at the moment. If you want, you can indicate a time that will be convenient.

  3. Court Reporting

  4. Know What You Want
    Before you do each task, define for yourself what you hope to accomplish. This triggers your mind to reach for that goal.

  5. Utilize Voicemail
    Nothing states you have to answer every call the second it comes in. Turn the ringer off on your phone, and allow voicemail to take the message, and return calls at the time you have set aside to do so.

  6. Know Your Productivity Schedule
    When you know what time of day you do your most detailed work, you can arrange your schedule to do the less mentally demanding work when you feel more tired.

  7. Know What Makes You Comfortable
    Do you like to stand while doing certain tasks, and sit while doing others? Knowing how you feel most comfortable will allow you to be able to concentrate on your work, and not wanting to fidget because you are uncomfortable.

  8. Break up Tasks
    Break large tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces, so they don’t feel so overwhelming. Less stress means more productivity.

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