January 19, 2017

Career Options for Court Reporters Beyond the Court Room

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: court reporter

Career options for Court Reporters

Court reporters and transcriptionists have many job opportunities outside of the courtroom. They are widely used in the media industry as well as in classrooms and corporate offices. Their skills are in high demand, especially when it comes to preserving the notes of meetings or providing a tool that allows every student to receive a quality education.

Here are some career options for court reporters beyond the courtroom:

Broadcast CaptionsCareer in Court reporting
A transcriptionist has the skills and talents to work as a captioner for broadcasts and television programs. Closed captioning involves transcribing what individuals on television or in a movie are saying, so those who have difficulty hearing will still be able to understand what is being said. Transcriptionists who are extremely efficient will be chosen for “real time” work, such as breaking news reports and spontaneous broadcasts.

Corporate Conferences and Meetings
A court reporter who is used to working in a court setting will do well in corporate meetings and conferences where companies want the minutes of meetings or conversations during a conference recorded for future use. Similar to a courtroom setting, a transcriptionist may be required to dress the part and sign confidentiality agreements, especially if corporate or trade secrets are involved.

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Real Time Translation
Transcriptionists can be of use in large classrooms that use the CART system. Communication Access Real-time Translation helps students who are hearing impaired or speak a different language understand what is being presented without having to read lips or work through an ASL interpreter.

Whether it’s in a classroom, a broadcast booth, or a corporate boardroom, the opportunities are endless. A court reporter can include these other activities in their catalog of offerings, so they can add a little variety to their daily routine.

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