December 31, 2014

The Best Litigation Support Systems to Learn From

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: litigation services

The last thing any business or individual wants is to be sidetracked by a big lawsuit. On the other hand, you may find it necessary to sue an entity that has caused some type of damage to you. The best way to be on top of legal issues is to become familiar with historic legal cases that pertain to your business or interests. Here are examples of litigation research that can help you avoid getting caught in a legal trap.
Litigation Support System

Presenting Photography
Photographs can be very powerful in court cases because they help tell a visual story. Broad use of many images along with maps and labeled diagrams is more persuasive to a jury than just focusing on the most essential photos that back your case.

Science of Persuasion
One of the most persuasive ways to help your case is to present photos, slides and videos on a big screen, according to Heath & Grannemann’s book The Jury Expert. The conclusion is that strong evidence will appear stronger the more the image size increases.

Unethical Evidence
In the case of Lynn v. Gateway Unified School District the court found that plaintiff Kendall Lynn’s attorney Robert E. Thubron committed ethical violations, which disqualified him from representing Lynn.

Eyewitness Credibility
Over 75,000 prosecutions each year are based completely on eyewitness identification, which can be overturned by DNA evidence.

Negotiation Tips
CLAY Award winner California Litigation Lawyer of 2013 offers several tips on negotiating that includes building rapport, trust and understanding how the other person will be affected.

Bates Numbering
By using Bates numbering with Trial Director software you can make sure that everyone in the courtroom is on the same page when referring to a document.

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