August 7, 2020

10 Apps for Attorneys to Boost Overall Productivity

By: Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: court reporting

Mobile apps for attorneys

With more and more attorneys using their cellphones and tablets to conduct business, mobile apps for attorneys are quickly becoming the most efficient way to get things done. Apps are easy to use and mobile-friendly, allowing the user to complete almost any task from creating files to sharing documents. Conference calls are also extremely simple to accomplish.

Here are 10 apps for attorneys to boost productivity:

  1. Slack

    Slack is a mobile app that is designed to help attorneys perform research and find the information they need to solve their cases effectively. It is extremely easy to use and works well on most mobile devices.

  2. Fastcase

    Fastcase is extremely useful for research and finding information that is needed by attorneys and paralegals. This mobile app makes it easy for attorneys to do their research while they are on the go.

  3. Feedly

    The Feedly app gives attorneys an opportunity to stay abreast of tips, techniques, and trends within their industry. It’s a great way to find out how other attorneys are accomplishing their goals and winning cases.

  4. Skype

    Skype allows for both visual and audio content and is a great way to make conference calls. This is one of several apps for attorneys that can be used on both mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

  5. PDF Export

    PDF Export allows you to send files quickly and easily from your device to one, two, three, or more individuals or groups. It allows documents to be shared in a safe and secure manner.

  6. iAnnotated

    iAnnotated offers attorneys to add notes and make changes to documents from any mobile device. This can include simple changes or identifying mistakes and adding sidebar notes for correction.

  7. Penultimate

    Penultimate is great for attorneys who like to write notes in longhand. This is a great app for tablets and larger handheld devices. It allows attorneys to take notes manually instead of having to type in the content.

  8. Dictate + Connect

    Dictate + Connect lets attorneys record their notes and create documents that can be transcribed later. Dictating is an easy way to record important notes and communications while on the go.

  9. One Drive

    One Drive is a great way to store and share large files and exhibits. By connecting to a cloud storage app, you can grant access to your documents with a password.

  10. DropBox

    DropBox is another useful cloud storage app that allows attorneys to share large files and exhibits. DropBox is one of many apps for attorneys that can be used across the board to assist in many different tasks.

Apps for attorneys that are designed for mobile devices allow them to work from any location and also give transcriptionists access to documents while the attorneys they work with are out of the office.

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