March 8, 2018

5 Ways Online Deposition Is Useful for Lawyers

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Remote Deposition

How online deposition is useful fro lawyers

Online depositions offer several benefits to attorneys. They are cost-effective and provide an accurate, highly-detailed record of the witness’s testimony. Whether your witness is far away or may not do well in a trial setting, an online deposition provides you with the testimony you need in a controlled and secure environment.

Read to know how online depositions can be useful for lawyers.

  1. Depose a Witness Online so Other Parties Can View the Process
    You can easily depose a witness online so that other parties can view the process to ensure the level of quality and confidentiality that is desired. Online depositions are ideal, especially if the witness is incapacitated or in the hospital. They are also recommended when deposing a child who may be overwhelmed in a large courtroom.

  2. Time Limits Your Ability to Travel Out of State to Participate in a Deposition
    If a witness is being deposed out of state and you can’t physically attend, you can always participate via an online platform. A video conference can be set up so that you can interact with the attorneys who are performing the deposition. You may also be able to ask questions of the witness, depending on the situation.

  3. Deposing a Witness at a Distance
    If a witness is out of state or unable to travel back to your area due to time constraints, you can depose the witness from a distance using an online platform. By working with an online
    deposition service at the witness’s location, you can perform the deposition from a distance, saving both time and money, while still providing you with the testimony you need.

  4. A Client Can Attend Via Online Platform
    Clients may choose to attend a deposition using an online platform. This is especially beneficial during the discovery process and will allow the client to view the proceedings in real time so they can make comments or discuss potential abnormalities with their attorney.

  5. Meet With Several Parties at Once
    An online deposition can bring many different parties together at one time. This allows everyone involved to remain on the same page and have the same information. An online deposition service can make it possible for many people to view a deposition at one time.

Online depositions are one of the most accurate and convenient tools an attorney has. Using them effectively can make everyone’s job much easier.

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