March 15, 2021

Why Court Reporters are Needed in Courtrooms

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: court reporter

Court reporters needed

Court reporters are an essential part of the judicial/legal team. They are the recorders, the ones who document every word, phrase, and statements in a legal proceeding. In the past, they were the only methods of documentation that accurately described what was said in a courtroom and who was speaking. Without them, there would be no reliable record of what happened or what was said.

Here are the reasons why court reporters are needed in courtrooms

Produce an Accurate Transcript

Court reporters are charged with the task of accurately recording every word spoken during a legal proceeding. They work within courtrooms, depositions,  mediations, hearings, and many other types of legal proceedings. Their records must be as accurate as possible and are often used in the courtroom to verify a testimony. Unless a video recording is available, the reporter’s transcript is the only standing record of what was said during a legal proceeding. 

Appearance in the Courtroom

The presence of court reporters is needed in a courtroom as it sets the legal tone for the proceeding. It is understood that whatever is being said will be put into the written record and will not be removed or erased. It is a constant reminder that the proceedings are recorded, verified, and archived for future use if they are ever needed. Just being in the courtroom gives off an air of justice, knowing that they are capturing every word. Court reporters rarely speak, but when they do, it is to verify or confirm statements and information.

Technological Advancement

At one time, it was hoped that technology would advance to the point that a court reporter would eventually be replaced by a machine. While that may be in the future, for now, the court reporter will still sit in the courtroom and oversee the proceedings. They are able to hear and see things that a machine may not pick up. They can request a witness to repeat a statement and can maintain an impeccably accurate record. Even though many court proceedings are now videotaped, nothing will ever take the place of a qualified and reputable court reporter.

Court reporters are needed in every legal proceeding. Even when audio recordings are used, mistakes can be made or information can be lost. With the court reporter in attendance, an accurate record is guaranteed. At Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters, it is always the highest priority that all court reporters have the training they need to go into the courtroom with confidence. If you want to learn more about Jilio-Ryan and the services we offer, contact our office today!

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