August 25, 2016

Video Conferencing for Corporates: Problems and Solutions

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: video conference

Video Conferencing problems & solutions

Video conferencing is a powerful tool to build strong business relationships in today’s tech-savvy and fast paced environment. Video conferencing has come a long way from a tool used for personal meetings with friends and family members to one of the most powerful tools to network with people.

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More corporate meetings are taking place online instead of face to face meetings. In a face to face meeting, you have to select a venue and make multiple arrangements. If the attendees are located in different cities, it might be difficult for them to make it to the venue.

Such difficulties are nowhere to be seen in an online meeting. All the attendees should agree to a particular time and they can attend the meeting from any particular location. Attendees have to make sure that their internet connection is fast.

However, there are certain problems or challenges which people normally face with video conferencing:

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  • Technical Limitations – These limitations comprise of certain technical limitations which could be – monitoring, managing and supporting the system,the time-consuming responsibilities to set up the environment for video conferencing.

  • Time Constraint – If you are planning to conduct a video conference with attendees from a different time zone, it would be a problem for them. You may conduct a meeting as per Pacific Standard Time, but if other members are from a different time zone, they might face problems.

  • Expense – It would be quite expensive for companies with a limited budget to set up the environment for video conferencing.

  • Audio Quality – This the greatest barrier in conducting a successful video conference. It might result in a waste of the entire effort because the message is not communicated to the participants. It also results in time loss, miscommunication and decline in productivity.

Solutions to Conduct a Successful Video Conference:

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  • Make proper arrangements and use the latest and advanced tools that could prove to be helpful in conducting a successful video conference.

  • The time at which you would like to conduct the conference should be discussed with the attendees.

  • There has to be certain amount reserved for video conferencing.

  • For better audio quality, try to conduct the conference in a soundproof environment because surround sound disturbs a lot and spoils the quality of sound. Also, make sure that the participants are involved throughout the discussion and they are not talking simultaneously. Taking care of these things might help a better audio quality.

If you follow certain tips to improve your video conferencing, it will ensure more productivity, better audio quality and meeting the agendas.

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