June 17, 2021

Tips to Help You Navigate Through an Online Deposition

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Remote Deposition

Online deposition navigation

A videotaped deposition will go smoothly as long as everyone is on the same page. The following tips will ensure that everyone in the room knows what they are doing and the sequence of events as you navigate your way through the online deposition process.

  1. Remove as Many Distractions as Possible

    The first and most important thing you should do is eliminate any distractions. Make sure all of your equipment is working properly. The room is at a comfortable temperature. There is very little outside noise, and cell phones are turned off. Make sure that the only people in the room are those who need to be there.

  2. Speak Clearly

    Speak as clearly as possible. Make sure that the witness being deposed knows that they must speak at a normal volume. Their voice must be clear, and they must pronounce their words carefully, so they are easily understood. If they have questions about what is being asked, allow them to ask but keep it to a minimum. Record sample audio to ensure the speaker is heard clearly, allowing you to give the person being deposed further instructions on what they need to be doing.

  3. Have Everything in Order Before You Begin

    Before you turn on the camera, have everything in order. Create a checklist that includes all of the items you need during the online deposition, including any exhibits, bottles of water, tissues, pens, and paper. Ask the person being deposed if they have everything they need before you turn on the video recorder. This keeps the flow of the deposition going smoothly.

  4. Once You Have Given Instructions, Allow the Witness Being Deposed to Ask Questions

    After you give instructions, answer any questions the person being deposed may have. Getting this out of the way first is the best way to keep things moving smoothly throughout the process. Keep questions to a minimum, however, once the recording has started. In most cases, they will ask for clarification about what is being asked.

At Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters, we know how important it is for a videotaped deposition to go smoothly. Following these tips will keep the process moving forward with few disruptions or distractions and navigate you properly during online deposition. Taking a few minutes before you start to go over your list and check things off will give you the peace of mind you need to stay on task until the online deposition is complete.

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