March 24, 2015

How 6 Deposition Services Help Court Reporters Get the Best

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Deposition

A deposition is a meeting in which attorneys can uncover crucial pieces of evidence. Most depositions are easily handled by a single attorney. There are occasions when specific deposition services are needed that will have a direct impact on the case, but require more than one attorney to be present. The following 6 deposition services […]

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March 16, 2015

How Proofreading Transcripts Will Benefit Court Reporters

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: court reporter

Court reporters can improve their reputations by making sure that transcripts are proofread before submitting them to attorneys and other entities. While some court reporters do their own proofreading, others do not have the time to hire proofreaders. Both full-time and part-time work relating to legal transcripts can provide real income for freelance proofreaders. Here […]

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March 11, 2015

What Does Punctuality Mean to Court Reporters?

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: court reporter

Court reporters must make punctuality a core ethic of the profession. When it comes to anything involving the court system, showing up early is always better than showing up late. That’s why court reporters commonly make a point to arrive at a deposition at least 30 minutes early. Here are the key reasons why punctuality […]

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February 26, 2015

5 Ways Attorneys Can Improve in Their Next Deposition

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Deposition

Trying to give an accurate record of court proceedings can be difficult if those speaking don’t take a few things into account. In order to make it more possible for the court reporter to maximize the accuracy of the record, there are a few simple things a lawyer can do to help when given a […]

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February 19, 2015

6 Reasons Why Law Teams Should Update Video Conferencing

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: video conference

Video Conference

Video conferencing technology has completely changed the face of modern courtrooms. Now as a part of the universal business world, video conferencing allows employees and clients to stay in touch and collaborate easily, conveniently, and reliably. As such, it is critical for law teams to keep up with the latest developments and update their technology […]

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Remote Deposition Service Announcement


To all our valued clients present and future, we are offering remote depositions at a discount.

We now are offering the remote deposition service complimentary!

Remote depositions will allow everyone attending the deposition to appear via phone, smartphone, video conferencing unit, desktop or laptop computer.

All participants will need the following on their device: microphone, camera, screen and ability to connect to the internet. Additionally, participants will need the internet.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please e-mail

Here to assist,
Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters