May 26, 2016

How You Can Prepare Your Witness for Legal Depositions

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Deposition

How to prepare your witness

Legal depositions are an important part of many cases. When a witness is asked to be deposed, it is important to prepare them properly so they are comfortable during the interview. Legal depositions that are videotaped require additional preparation so the person knows how to appear professional without being afraid or uncomfortable.

Here are the steps to prepare your witness for legal depositions:

Explain the Process

It is important to detail the entire deposition process. This will let them know what to expect and prevent any surprises during the actual deposition. Include different situations the interviewee may find themselves in so they know how to react. Legal depositions must be handled carefully, especially if the witness is a child. Take the necessary time needed to make sure they understand what is about to take place.

Answer Their Questions

Make sure you answer any questions the witness may have. Let them know that it is acceptable for them to ask to have something clarified if they don’t understand a question. Make it clear that it is important not to guess and only to give accurate answers.

Practice with a Mock Deposition

If the witness is still unclear of what is going to happen, you can stage a mock deposition to show them how the process will unfold once the interview is started. You can create a variety of situations that may occur during the interview.

Practice the Right Posture

When taking a video deposition, it is important to show the witness how to sit and where to look while the camera is going. Practicing the right posture will help make it easier for the videographer to capture facial expressions and body language.

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