February 25, 2021

5 Essential Uses of an Online Deposition

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Deposition

Online Deposition

Online depositions, also known as remote depositions, allow the interested parties to participate in a deposition from a virtual environment using a device with an internet connection. These depositions are a great way to work with other members of your legal team as they are extremely convenient and can be performed from almost any location. Online depositions can be performed in real-time all parties to be present.

The following are the 5 essential uses of an online deposition.

  1. Depose a Witness No Matter Where They Are

    Often, a key witness is unavailable due to where they live, work, or possibly because they are already in jail. Using an online deposition allows you access to the witness no matter where they are. This gives you the opportunity to get the information you need without the expense of bringing the witness to you.

  2. Depose a Witness From Out of State

    If a witness lives or works out of state, it can be difficult for them to travel back to where you are. When this is the situation, an online deposition is one of the top choices. It is cost-effective and can be performed in real-time, as well as being recorded for later use. It also eliminates the need for travel expenses to bring the witness back to the area.

  3. Train Your Associates Remotely

    Law firms invest a lot in training their young associates. While in the past young litigators were sent to attend depositions conducted by senior lawyers in their firm, online depositions have made it possible for them to join remotely. Live streams of online depositions can be used as effective mentoring tools for the new law associates. Similarly, senior partners can monitor their young associates’ performance to evaluate their skills and share insights on potential improvements.

  4. Ensure Attendance at a Discovery Deposition

    During an online discovery deposition, information may be uncovered that is beneficial to both parties. By giving easy access to the information through an online medium, everyone can ask questions and determine how to proceed with their cases. In total, it provides convenience on both sides, as they can confer wherever they are.

  5. Attain Greater Competitive Edge

    Law firm marketplace experiences cut-throat competition all year. Regardless of the current pandemic, lawsuits never cease and neither will the need for depositions. Corporate clients will naturally be inclined to law firms that are technologically adept and have proven records of great efficiency at reasonable costs. Online depositions are one of the several innovative tools that ensures a greater competitive edge to law firms that embrace this virtual technology.

If you are interested in scheduling an online deposition, contact us at Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters. Our remote deposition facility can bring both sides together, no matter how far they are apart in terms of distance. If you have more questions about how online depositions work, call our office today and get the answers you need!

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