July 30, 2021

COVID-19 – A Hard Hit on the Future of Litigation

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: litigation services

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COVID-19 has impacted almost every industry and career field. This includes the legal field and how judges, lawyers, and other legal professionals have been forced to conduct their business. Social distancing and restrictions that mandate how many people can gather in an area at a time have made certain legal proceedings virtually impossible. Video and live-streaming have been an immense help in keeping the system moving forward at a moderate pace.

Interviews and Depositions

Interviews and depositions are some of the hardest hit of all the legal proceedings. Normally held in close quarters, social distancing isn’t always an option. The ability to record video or live-stream an interview or deposition has made it much easier for attorneys to get an accurate statement from a witness. Through video recording and live-stream methods, they can also obtain information from witnesses who live hundreds of miles away and cannot travel during the pandemic.

Court Proceedings

The COVID-19 pandemic has also impacted court proceedings. Since courtrooms were almost completely shut down during the outbreak, judges and magistrates needed to find new ways to conduct business. The easiest method was to allow defendants to make their pleas over live-streaming services. The judge could interact with them, ask questions, and finally give their ruling without ever leaving their office or courtroom.

Jury Trials

Jury trials were another form of legal proceeding that were not available due to the inability to properly socially distance people involved in the trial. Through live-streaming and video options, recordings can be used to make jury trials an option again. Although adjustments still have to be made concerning how a person is questioned during a jury trial, the latest technological advancements make it easier to accomplish.

What the Future Holds for Litigation Services

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to the legal world that much of what they do could be accomplished over an online platform, either through video recording or live-streaming. With today’s advancements in technology, everything the lawyers and judges need in the courtroom can be brought in through the internet or through live-streaming services. Although it isn’t quite the same as doing business in person, it gets the job done reliably and efficiently.

Understanding how COVID-19 and today’s technology has impacted the legal system is essential. Without many of these new advancements, the litigation future would have been at a standstill and the due process of the law would have been indefinitely stalled. At Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters, the ultimate goal is to keep running as smoothly as possible even after the COVID-19 pandemic passes. Schedule an online deposition today to get the legal help you need using all of the latest tools and trends in technology.

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