June 23, 2020

Key Benefits of Deposition Summaries

By: Colleen Jilio-Ryan | Posted in: Deposition

Deposition Summaries

What Are Deposition Summaries?

Deposition summaries are the concise form of deposition transcripts, which are designed to help busy attorneys and law firms distill complex testimonies into an easy-to-use format. It provides an accurate overview of the deposition transcript and identifies important points in the deposition by page and line, allowing fast and reliable access to key testimony.

Key Benefits of Having Deposition Summaries

  1. Summaries Are Beneficial During Court

    Summaries are often used to help refresh the memory of a witness or create a reference point during a specific portion of testimony. The ability to identify specific points that are key to an argument can reinforce an attorney’s position, making the testimony or evidence more credible.

  2. Aid in Pre-Trial Prep

    Having to filter through the entire printed copy of a deposition can take hours. When preparing for a trial, the pre-trial prep time is essential for getting things in order. Summaries reduce reams of material to a shorter, more concise and easy to read transcript that can be effectively used when prepping for court.

  3. An Effective Time Saver

    Because they only cover the high points of deposition, summaries can save hours worth of time when trying to find a specific portion of the testimony. Summaries free up the attorney’s time, allowing them to concentrate on more pressing matters.

  4. Saves the Client Money

    Attorney’s fees are billed on an hourly basis. Saving time through the use of summaries can result in substantial financial savings for the client as well as giving the attorney use their time on other aspects of the case.

  5. Makes Deposition Review Easier

    Deposition transcripts are required to be reviewed, which is especially important if the lawyer is willing to use the deposition transcription to impeach the witness at trial. Its benefits include easing complex deposition review process by providing the key facts in a concise format.

  6. Useful in Technical Testimony

    Deposition summaries are easy-to-read, and hence they greatly ease handling of cases that involve technical testimony such as personal injury or workers’ compensation. Since any judgment is dependent on the quality of witnesses and evidence provided, deposition summaries ease out the complexities.

  7. Useful for the Litigation Team

    Summaries are also read by litigation team members and clients. The concise deposition summaries are also requested by insurance companies.

  8. Get Professional Deposition Summary Services

    It is always advisable to work with a professional court reporting firm that provides accurately prepared deposition summaries. An experienced and reputable firm will provide you reliable summaries in the format you prefer while enhancing productivity and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Deposition summaries are valuable tools that keep the court process moving along smoothly and allow both attorneys and their clients the benefit of being more efficient and cost-effective.

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